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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cheat God Of War II PS2

Cheat God Of War II PS2
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God of War II, the sequel to the hit PlayStation 2 exclusive, take a long time after the events of the first God of War. Kratos, having lost the war god Ares, seated on his throne at the top of Mount Olympus. But all is not well between the new God Wars and other Gods. Kratos, in an effort to assist his Spartan army, a step down from his throne and joined their assault on the city of Rhodes. Disobedience Kratos' do not go without consequence as his godly power that was snatched away by Zeus, the chief god himself. Subject to revenge, Kratos set his sights on Mount Olympus and the gods who betrayed him. This guide covers the entire main quest from start to finish. You'll find tips to help you crush every monster, mythical beast, and undead fiend that stands in your way. You will also find detailed strategies to help you conquer every boss encounter along the way. Including directions to each Gorgon Eye, Phoenix Feather, and Urn Power. NOTE: This guide was written based on the settings (Normal) difficulty SPARTAN. All directions levels, and for the most part the strategy, is still valid, but your enemies deal more damage and have more vitality at higher difficulty levels.

Completion Bonus;

Finish the game and save. Select the 'Bonus Play' when starting a new game to retain ALL weapons and magic at the level attained during the previous session. Option A 'credit' will be the options available on the menu 'Treasures'. 'High Resolution' and 'Story Format "movie options will also be available when you finish permainan.Mencapai 999,999 hit combo to reveal a hidden website.

By achieving a 999,999 hit combo, the player will see a secret web site url appear onscreen. http://www.islandofrhodes.org.

As a combo hit players up, driving "your destiny awaits", "The secret is near", and "Almost there" appear just above your rage meter Titans.

More EXP (Easy EXP)

Sex Mini-GameA briefly to the Rhodes, the first area of ​​the game, you will drop down to the type of bath-house/sauna. Instead of continuing and diving down, jump out of the water to the surrounding area. There should be two screens were broken. Behind one of the screens are two topless women. By walking up to them and pressing the circle button, you initiate sex mini-game where you complete a series of button presses. When you have won, you will receive a large amount of red orbs and some green balls. You can only receive the ball once, but you can play a mini-game as many times as you want.

Hall of Atropos - Upper Level - Do this AFTER the fight with Perseus. You are outside after defeating Perseus. Back in through the top left door. Once in the room jump on the ledge behind the wall but do not go out on the balcony first. To the left of the exit, in a dark area where it's pretty hard to see there is a little star on the ground. Stand on the star and hit R1 a few times (though once is enough). Now run outside on the balcony. In the corner to the right and below the window there is a second star on the ground. Stand on the star and hit R1 a few times (again, once was enough). Now keep going and quickly grapple across to get on the other side of the roof. Run around the corner and go all the way to the pressure switch, stand on the switch to activate the roots. When the root is almost fully extended slow time with the Amulet of destiny and quickly ran across. Once on the center platform you will see the third star on the ground by the first tree. Press R1 and the camera angle will shift and the following message will appear in the sky: [i] ". [U] [b] Now I am become Death ... destroyer of the world" [/ [/ i] b] [/ u] As a message slowly appeared in the sky a few thousand red orbs will also be given to you by your tree stand beside.

Bonus Costumes

Costume 1 - Complete the game on any difficulty.
Costume 2 - Complete the game on any difficulty.
Costume 3 - Complete the game God Mode.
Costume 4 - Complete the game on Titan mode.
Costume 5 - Complete the game on Titan mode.
Costume 6 - Collect 20 Cyclops Eyes in the main game.
Costume 7 - Receive God ranking in Challenge mode.

Theseus beat

Theseus is the famous Greek hero who wields a twin-bladed spears and ice crystals can call and Minotaurs Frost. He served as the Sisters of Fate 'horse master and keep the key to the chapel in the back Steeds of Time. To defeat him use the following techniques during the second part of the battle. When he was on the roof and Frost calls Minotaurs to attack you lead them around until he summons up ice crystals. When he did this to avoid their rolls ensure the Minotaur Frost caught killing them.

Using the Golden Fleece

When you have obtained the Golden Fleece from the Cursed Cerberus repeatedly tap L1 quickly when you are attacked by the enemy and attack will be reflected and returned.

Hidden Orb Mini-Game

When you are at level 1 (Rhodes) and you drop down to the area that resembles a sauna. Instead of diving jumping down out of the water and to bathe the surrounding area and you will see two screens that you can break. Behind one of the screens are two topless girls that if you approach it and press circle mini-game will begin. When you finish it you will receive the Red and Green Orbs. Mini-games can be played as many times as you want, but you will only get the orbs once.

Infinite combo

Get the jars and jars of Olympus from Prometheus and guard against horse to have an "O" button on the top of his head and then release the anger Cronos endless' and use the Rage of the Titans to keep your combo going forever. It takes allot pressing the L2 button but it was pretty funny to watch him try to attack you.

Play in HD mode.

This game allows you to play in HD mode graphics. To enjoy it you need to enter: L1, L2, L3, SQUARE and CIRCLE at the same time, before the "Sony Computer Entertainment Presents" screen appears.

Remember that, of course, to enjoy beautiful HD you must use an HD television, and be careful, because the use of the HD mode on normal TV (no HD) can damage, then think again.

Bonus game re-play.ttle sexy!;

Right in the first game, God of War 2 offers little sex game, which gives you a very large amount or a red ball (only the first time you play it).

When you are in Rhodes (the first area of ​​the game) you will drop down to the type of sauna. Instead of diving down, look around the area. There should be two wall / screen broke with your weapon. Behind one of the screens are two topless women sexy. Press O to start the game. Happy gaming!

Bonus re-play.

Like many ogf games, God of War 2 allows you to start a new game using all the wonders that obtained previously and weapons in the game before you've finished.

Simply select the "Bonus Play" option on the home screen to start a new game with all the magic and weapons.

Of course you have to play the same level of difficulty of the game before. You can not play "Play bouns" at different levels of difficulty. Happy gaming!

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