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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 Adwords 101 Leasons You Need To Learn

3 Adwords 101 Leasons You Need To Learn

Google AdWords can be a complicated mythical beast to conquer for the small business owner to expert digital marketing agencies. There has been an incident in the news this year that has left an Australian Tourism department and media agency a little embarrassed, so here are 3 AdWords techniques you can learn from their screw up.
* Limited Keywords - Don't have an excessive amount of keyword phrases in your online campaigns; keep your campaigns and ad groups nice and tight around a common theme.
* Avoid Broad Match - Using broad match can burn your Google Adwords budget real quick before you have even had the chance to show one of your killer ads to a real potential purchaser. It will also help avoid your ads being showed for incomplete word searches and words that may be used to search with another term that is not relevant to you.
* Build Negative Keyword Lists - A negative keyword list can be added to either an Ad group or the entire campaign and is one of the most overlooked aspects of Google Adwords for beginners. Using a negative keyword list will tell Google if a search that contains part of your keyword phase but a word that is on your negative keyword list, your ad will not be shown.
For example, let's say you sell Toyota alloy wheels. If I had a negative keyword list that contained the term, reviews, and someone searched for, Toyota alloy wheel reviews, my ad would not be shown. This would not giving them the opportunity to click on my ad and spend my budget while they are still in the knowledge gathering phrase of the buying cycle..
Hope you can use these 3 easy to implement Google AdWords techniques to improve your pay pay click marketing.
Article by Bradley Davis, for Google Adwords Management & Gold Coast website design services.

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  2. siip..penjelasan yang simpel padat dan jelas, meski masih awam ps2 sy bisa pahami analoginya...tinggal praktek.
    satu pertanyaan apa sekarang sudah ada software semacam sms yang bisa play video selain avi, semisal mp4?
    gimana gan....thx pencerahannya

  3. Ane mau beli ps2 baru tapi ane bingung ni gan...
    Ane ditawari type 90006 sama 90010.
    Dari kedua type itu mana yg lebih bagus?
    Dan yg mana yg bisa pake HDD?


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