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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How To Bid Lower But Get Higher Ranking With Google Adwords

How To Bid Lower But Get Higher Ranking With Google Adwords

Nowadays google's adwords has become the main contender for pay-per-click industry leader, Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions.
If you can afford use both of them. Especially with recent changes made by Yahoo, small business owners with limited budget should have no problem to jump into the ships.
Out of that, today we're going to discuss about google's adwords.
Google has extended networks that match Overture, and requiring relatively small amount of money and time to start it's obviously not something you can miss out in your marketing campaign.
We'll begin at:
Find Exact Keywords That People Is Searching For Buying
According to Planet Ocean, people who actually willing to purchase will type in 3 or more word-phrases. For example, "stock trading book". This is where you're going to start.
Go to http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/
And type in the common term of your business, which in this case is investment. Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions' suggestion tool above then will give you a list of exact and related keywords had been searching during the previous month.
In this way, you'll have rough prediction which one you should bid for.
After that your ad copy too should be enticing people to click through.
The Secrets To Bid Lower But Get Higher Ranking
Google's adwords considering your placement of the search pages based on 2 factors:
- How much you bid and
- How much your ad get click through
Google's adwords will give you better placement even though you pay for less than your competitors, if and only you get the highest click through rate of all your competitors' ads.
How to get the highest click through?
Contrary with what people believe, I would say bid more at the beginning. From my personal experience, at first, I bid as lower as I can. But nobody will see you if your ads bury in third pages, especially for competitive terms.
So bid more to get on the first page. You don't have to be on the first rank, just make sure people can see you.
On this early stage don't choose contextual targeting option. Contextual targeting option is google adword's feature that makes your ads displayed on related google's partners' content site.
Keep tracking your campaign, right after you get higher click through rate drop your bid lower. This way, you can get higher placement but bid for lower without losing your spot.
How To Write Compelling Ad Copy That Make People Buy
Here're 3 clues to help you:
> Basically, all about writing ad is all about writing benefit.
For instance, you sell digital product through PDF (you can learn more about this by going to www.adobe.com).
In this case you can state about "instant delivery" to your customers' computer as benefit. Meanwhile 'PDF distribution' that made instant delivery possible is feature.
> Your ad's headline should be the most compelling benefit you can offer. For example, "Instant Way To Learn Japanese Language"
> Put the price tag in the end of ad. In this way you can make sure that customers that click through your ad is the ones that ready to buy.
Where to Go Now?
After you pass this stage, then you can choose to display your ads through contextual targeting option or not.
Also you can test various different ads on same keyword to find out which one gets the highest click through.
However, be careful to set up your budget wisely. Un-proper planning could drain your pocket off in a minute.
The simple way to determine your advertising budget is by asking this question,
how much you can afford to loss?
This article is authored by Andrew Heuw C.C.N (Certified Crazy Netrepreneur) If you want to learn more about basic to advanced internet marketing techniques that have been helped too many people become Internet Millionaire. Please visit =>> http://www.emillionairesecretsexposed.com

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