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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Simple SEO tasks to be done before launching a new website Part 2

Simple SEO tasks to be done before launching a new website Part 2

The main purpose of learning these steps is that you should come with a completely flawless website which will help you strengthen your SEO operations. In case your website has certain flaws, then they must be corrected before the launch and for that you have to undertake certain necessary tasks. Know about your visitors and the conversion rate so that you can adopt a different strategy accordingly. Once you are done with using Google Analytics and setting up of Google Webmaster Tools along with critically examining the URL related issues, then you can undertake the following search engine optimization tasks so that you can enjoy a successful launch of your website. Do not forget to add your Robots.txt files which will help you indentify those web files or the directories which you do not want search engines to index for you. With Robots.txt files, you can restrict certain folders or files from being indexed and this will allow you have to better SEO. For this you have to replace folder name with the folders you want to restrict. Certain unnecessary files or folders which get indexed by the search engines can hamper your SEO activity, so keep check them before you launch your website. To ensure that you enjoy the best of SEO, you have to generate an XML sitemap for your website which you will submit to various search engines. So, one your website is completed, create a sitemap with the help of XML sitemap generation tool. For the visibility of your website, you have to ensure that it is crawled properly and for this you have to generate this sitemap which will allow the search engines to crawl over you entire site. Developing a website is not enough for any business, because for better SEO, you have to take care of several other things and one of them is creating a local business setting for your website. Localization of your content means higher SEO as this increases then chance of your website to show up in the local results as and when searched by the user. You can go to GetListed and there you can manage your local business listings easily and this covers all the major local directories which can help you with your SEO. In case, you have redesigned your website, then try and keep the same URL because it will help you retain same organic rankings which are certainly beneficial for your SEO. Include 301 redirects which will identify the key pages that are ranking well among others. Emerging as the first 'dedicated' search engine optimization or SEO Company in India, Convonix has always stood apart for its expertise and quality in SEO Services.

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